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ATV, Jet Ski, Camper, Travel Trailer, Boat Loans:

Wanna play?  When it comes to your toy, OOEFCU is the place for your loan.  We finance your fun.  ATV’s, Jet Ski’s, Campers, Travel Trailers and Boat Loans are all financed with your credit union. 

+ All loans are true simple interest calculated loans which is better for the borrower.  Should you wish to pay off the loan early, refinance, or make additional payments, having a simple interest calculated loan means a larger portion of your initial payments are applied to the outstanding balance vs. the interest owed.  Our members are able to see their outstanding balances reduce faster than a loan processed with compound interest like many banking institutions calculate.  

+ To open your account and apply for a loan, a minimum deposit of $95.00 is required.

+ Our loan processing fee is ONLY $45.00

+ All borrowers are required to maintain a deposit balance of $50.00 during the term of their loan.

+ There is no early payoff penalty.

To apply for a loan, click here.

Loan requests are normally answered in 48 hours upon receipt of loan application.

Auto and Truck Loans

Auto Loans

We make your car buying experience a breeze! Finance your new or used car, truck or van at OOEFCU.

Motorcycle Loans

Motorcycle Loans

When it comes to hitting the highway, why not cruise the open road for less dough?

Signature Loan

Signature Loan

True to its name, a signature loan can be obtained with just a signature, for qualified borrowers.  Favorable ...

Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Loans

Ohio Operating Engineers Credit Union's Home Equity Loan establishes a 15-year term ...

VISA Credit Card

Line of Credit Loans

A line of credit is like a revolving loan, similar to a credit card.  Funds borrowed can be used for any ...


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