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"Since the moment we became members of the Credit Union, we felt like we were part of a family. Cynthia is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and extremely accommodating. It's a wonderful service offered to Local 18's members."


Matt & Natalie R.

Wellington, OH



"I am very happy that I decided to leave my previous bank and join the Credit Union. My interactions have been very pleasant and personal. It is satisfying to know that I am a member, and not just another account number. I am also grateful that I am always informed of news, events, changes, etc. I am looking forward to many more days of service. Thank you for your dedication."


Kaitlin P.

Cleveland, OH



"We have been using the credit union for about 20 years and the last 8 have been in my retirement. I retired earlier than my husband who has only been leading a life of leisure the last 4 years. During that time we have had additional expenses in the form of taxes due and the use of the on-line application for a signature loan has been a blessing. I don't have to leave the house, wait in any line or have to put up with tellers who have as an objective in life to make the process as uncomfortable as possible. Thank goodness for Cyndi and her Dad. The checking account is another blessing as our retirement and social security checks are direct deposited into our account. No watching the mail to make sure the checks arrived; no wondering when to go to a local bank to deposit them; no more worrying or stewing about our financial needs. The Credit Union has been a true life saver for us. We live in Indiana but have used the Credit Union for our banking and financial needs for years. We plan to continue with them as long as both of us live."


Shirley & Jack T.

Brazil, IN



"I have been a member of OOEFCU since July of 2000. OOEFCU is by far one of the best financial institutions I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The personable touches that Cyndi has included in her services does not go unnoticed, and makes me appreciate being a member! I highly recommend OOEFCU!"


Sherrie D.

Oregon, OH



"The Operating Engineers FCU is a great tool for me. I use direct deposit every pay, and that makes it easy for me to save money. I never have to worry about paying my quarterly union dues, because they automatically transfer my dues without me lifting a finger or having to remember to pay them. Their loan rates are very competitive, and easy to obtain, as you can just apply online. Ther service is remarkable, I can call today to withdraw money, and a check will be in my mailbox tomorrow."


Frank F.

East Canton, OH



"I would just like to take this time and commend both of you on all of your previous help with our car and bike loans. Both of you were very expedient and very knowledgeable when processing our loans. I will definitely use your services in the future."


Ron & Pam G.

Strongsville, OH



"We have been members of the credit union since it was about a year old. We have enjoyed working with Ken and Cyndi over the years. They are friendly, helpful, professional and committed to doing their best in whatever you need. Keep up the good work :)"


Bob & Dale S.

Mantua, OH



"My I wish for all to know that I have so many stories of when being a member of our credit union saved me from financial mess I cannot even list them. I was off for five years, I had several operations. Had it been a bank and not my credit union I believe I would have lost my vehicle that I had a loan against. There were times I was short on my house payment and the credit union made it possible for me to make it on time. Cyndi and Ken (and all others involved) have helped me so many times that I will never bank elsewhere. Our credit union is the best there is for customer service, help, financial assistance and anything you can think of. If you want involved in something that is really out to take care of its members; Join the Ohio Operating Engineers Federal Credit Union. God Bless them all."


Lora C.

Columbus, OH



"Thanks, Cyndi and Ken for all you do not only for me but for all you do for my entire family!!! From car loans to consolidating credit cards at a lower interest rate!! To transferring money from accounts to paying my union dues and all with just one phone call or one email, you are always there to help. Cyndi goes over and above the duty of her job; I was having problems depositing a check into my account and she even offered to come and meet me and pick it up!! You can’t get service like that from a regular bank!! Once again thanks for all your hard work and commitment to the members of Local 18!!"


Lynne P.

Ravenna, OH



"Just a note to say thank you to Ken and Cynthia for all their help over these past few years. The Operating Engineers Federal Credit union is owned by all of us members of Local 18. I have had car loans, consolidation loans, and a savings account. You could
not ask for a more friendly staff and service. If I need money, all I have to do is call and a check from my account goes out the same day. I encourage all the members of Local 18 to make use of the valuable resource."


Mike O.

Sugar Grove, OH



"My husband and I have been extremely satisfied members of the OOEFCU for many years now. Ken and Cyndi do business with a personal touch and it makes us feel like we matter. They know us by name; heck they even know our kids by name! You just can't get that level of service or attention to detail anywhere else these days."


Maria & Jason K.

Broadview Heights, OH



"I have had super service since becoming a member of the credit union. The only thing I wish we had was access to are debit cards. Keep up the good work."

Michael C.

Springfield, OH



"One of the oldest forms of Unions has always been around to protect it's members from being taken advantage of financially by financial institutions whose primary aim and responsibility is increasing profit rather than helping the "little man:" It's called the "Credit" Union and I think we ought to support our own."


Lee G.

Local 18
Columbus, OH



"Cyndi & Ken are the best. They make financial transactions easy and quick. The new web site allows me to check my balances, transfer funds and keep track of my finances at the Credit Union with ease. I also bank with PNC and keep most of my funds with the Credit Union because I trust I won't have problems! On the rare occasion that something would ever go wrong I know that I can get an answer from them quickly. I can easily transfer my funds into my outside account at PNC if I need to. I pay all my bills through electronic transfers using my Credit Union account. I can access my Credit Union account through my web browser on my smart phone very easily. There are many close ATM's that are transaction fee free for me to withdraw money or complete deposits. If I do have to use a ATM that is not fee free the fee's are very low. I can not say enough about how much I love and respect my credit union and how much they have helped me out by making things simple, the way they should be!"


Lisa G.

Garfield Heights, OH



"I know that our household would be very different if I had to go to a bank to do what the credit union does for me on a daily basis. Cyndi and “The Big Guy” are on the ball, doing the things for our credit union, and they do this with only two people!!"


Robert & Laverne W.

Cleveland, OH



"Banking at the Ohio Operating Engineers Local 18 Credit Union is like banking with trusted family. Not only will you have the best rates, but with the the personal service and the time and attention that is received from Ken and Cyndi, I know my savings, and my financial future is in good hands."


Kelly K.

Cleveland, OH


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